Mirasole International is a modern 4 star Hotel completely renovated, few steps from Serapo beach.
Open all year, is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday in the Riviera di Ulisse 

Nature and beaches

There are many places to visit. You could rent a boat and go around the seven beaches:
  1. Serapo Beach: fine golden sand, is 1.5 km long, is the main beach in Gaeta.
  2. Ariana Beach characterized by three rocks known as "rocks of the three dogs."
  3. Beach of forty oars that can only be reached by swimming or by boat, there is the Well of the Devil which is a large cave that opens into the rock with an entrance reached with a small boat.
  4. Arenauta or Scissure Beach, (or 300 steps Beach), is one of the first naturist beaches of Lazio, invisible from the road, protected by steep cliffs.
  5. San Vito Beach is located below the promontory of Torre San Vito bay with sea caves and isolated coves make this beach a real enchanted place.
  6. Sant’ Agostino Beach, the longest one of Gaeta, nearby you can practice rock climbing.
  7. Fontania - Fontanino Beach are very small beaches where there are the ruins of the Roman villa of the consul Gneo Fonteo

Serapo Beach adjoins spectacular promontory of Monte Orlando. Meteoric waters and marine erosion have resulted in caves, cavities and crevices as the "Split Mountain" and "The Cave of the Turkish".

The Split Mountain is a natural sanctuary formed by three clefts of the rock, which would have formed when Christ died, splitting apart in two. Is very famous for the spectacular scenery, the Cave of the Turkish where there is the imprint of the Turkish, formed by a sailor unbeliever (in fact, it was the haunt of pirates Saracens). There is also the bedrock of St. Philip Blacks and a chapel built on a boulder wedged between the sky and the sea.

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